Wedding Doves

Wedding Doves for the Bride and Groom

Release Options:

  • The Bride and Groom can release a pair of White Doves in a special heart shaped basket.

  • A flock of 30 White Dove can be released which join the two released by the Bride and Groom.

  • A Display Cage with two White Doves can be set up at the wedding ceremony or reception!

Pricing, Scheduling or questions:

Please call, text, or email us for details. 


Wedding Doves

The Wedding Dove Release

At weddings, dove releases enhance the celebration for the beginning of your new lives together.

They symbolize your commitment to each other, the love and hope you share, and the faith and fidelity you promise to one another (doves commit and remain true for life!).

Imagine‚Ķfollowing the ceremony, the wedded couple release a pair of snow white doves. As the birds ascend into the sky, a flock of 30 white doves are released from a location among your guests (symbolizing their love and support for your union as well as their prayers extending heavenward). The flock of doves rise to unite with the two birds that were previously released and then they all fly off together in an awe-inspiring display.

A professional release of doves adds a flavor of beauty to your special day and will create a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

Your dove release can be coordinated with your photographer to capture the splendor of the ceremony.

The use of doves at weddings can be traced to ancient Greek and Roman times when doves were a gift to the groom from the bride.

In biblical passages, the appearance of the white dove came to symbolize acceptance from heaven. 

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