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Dove Release Utah

Special Occasion Doves...a Special Tribute of Love

Our Doves part of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

"Rise" by Katy Perry - Cover by One Voice Children's Choir:

One Voice Children's Choir, under the direction of Masa Fukuda, performs "Rise" by Katy Perry.

In celebration of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, One Voice Children’s Choir releases a cover of Katy Perry’s battle cry, “Rise.” Perry’s version of the song will be used by NBC Olympics’ production team during its programming of the games, including its coverage of the Aug. 5 Opening Ceremony.

Wedding Doves

Special Occasion Doves

Doves for every Occasion:

Imagine releasing doves at a Grand Opening Ceremony, Open House, Groundbreaking Ceremony, Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Baptism’s, Graduation’s, Missionary Farewells, Flag Ceremonies, football, baseball or soccer games.

Let your imagination soar on the wings of a dove!

Capture the moment and the memories at any special event!   It will be made more memorable and spectacular with the release of 30 to 50 or more White Doves!   We provide trained professionals to take care of the dove release, leaving you free to enjoy the experience.

Let Your Spirit Soar On Wings of Love!

     Birthday Doves:

A birthday coming up, but you just don’t know what to get that will show your appreciation for him or her? We recommend giving this special person a spectacular gift that will always be remembered; a gorgeous display of affection by a white doves release at any outdoor birthday.

     Graduation Doves:

Show your graduating loved one how much you care with a beautiful white dove release. The release is an inspiring spectacle for those graduating, and is also much more pleasing to the environment than releasing balloons. There are many options for releasing doves at a graduation ceremony. If there is only one graduating student at the event, one bird can be released to symbolize the turning of a new page in his or her life. If there are many graduated ones there, they can each hold a bird in a special release basket and release them together, symbolizing a united effort to start anew and succeed in the years to come.

     Baptismal Doves:

For many people, one’s baptism is the most important day of his or her life. Those who attend the ceremony are reminded of the symbolism of the dove at Christ’s baptism, representing Gods acceptance of this ordinance and the peace the dove offers throughout our lives when the covenant of baptism is kept. The freedom one feels when choosing the right is joyous and the symbolism of the doves’ flight expresses this joy!

      July 4 Independence Day Doves: