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Funeral & Memorial Doves...a Special Tribute of Love

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Wedding Doves

Utah Wedding Dove Releases:

At any wedding ceremony, there are few things more powerful than the release of white doves. Bringing love and hope to all who attend. Our white doves are an excellent visual that will surely be remembered.

White Doves are a vivid symbol of hope, love and peace. The Bride and Groom can release a pair of white doves from a heart shaped basket symbolizing the two we have come to honor. Then, the rest of the doves are released and unite with the two doves as they all gracefully circle overhead. Shortly after, the doves fly off into the horizon and return home. This is very symbolic, because doves stay true to each other for life.

Utah Wedding Dove Release: 

  • The Dove Release.  At any wedding or wedding reception the Bride and Groom can release a pair of beautiful white doves from a "heart shaped basket" in celebration of a new beginning together. Shortly after a flock of 30 doves are released to join the single dove in the sky. The flock of doves symbolizes family and friends in celebration together. 

  • The Dove Display. Two white doves are displayed in a beautiful cage in all of our wedding releases representing the newly wedded couple.  Family and friends are free to take pictures and keep the memories of this experience. The Dove Display can be placed anywhere. 

  • The Legend of the Doves. Once the Lord of Heaven chose two doves, both young and fair and told them of a very special journey they would share. "Go now upon the earth and seek two hearts where you may dwell, and there I shall surely come and make my home with you as well. We'll join the two and make them one. A Husband and a Wife, my Spirit will endow their love with everlasting life." Today the Doves still bring the sacred promise from above, to those whose hearts are open to the miracle of unconditional love!  .

  • We invite you to choose any number of doves that would be meaningful to you. Let us know and we will work with you to make a beautiful celebration of love..

As professional trained Dovekeepers and staff, we always dress appropriately, showing honor and respect to those we serve.

Let Your Spirit Soar On Wings of Love!  

A ministry of love, hope and peace!