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Dove Release Utah

OUR Care for the Doves and our DOVE RELEASE POLICY

Special Occasion Doves

  • ​​Our birds are descendents of the "Rock Dove," which is the "Adam & Eve" (symbolically speaking) of all the pigeon breeds known today.  We call them "Racing Homers," or "Homing Pigeons," but they are technically "Rock Doves."  They are trained to return home to their loft from hundreds of miles away.  They are watered and fed every day, which includes clean water (sometimes medicated) and given vitamins and minerals and fed a high quality pigeon feed and grit.  The health of our birds is very important to the health of the loft and in keeping the birds healthy; they are treated yearly for several kinds of common diseases that can affect the birds.  We take great care in handling the birds and not overcrowding them, which creates stress and sickness.  Their loft is there safe place of residence.
  • Our Dove Release Policy is:
  • Dove Releases need to be done on a good weather day.
  • Text, or email us for pricing and scheduling​ (801) 833-8079
  • Types of birds used to release: see Wikipedia link.
  • We will release only well trained, well cared for white racing pigeon stock, also known as homing pigeons, which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft, and which are banded with seamless, permanent identification bands.
  • We will ensure that EVERY event has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present.
  • We will ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events, and that the release coordinator is 100% reliable and on time.
  • We will return deposits for acts of God, etc.
  • We will NOT release birds INDOORS.
  • We will NOT release birds AT NIGHT.
  • We will NOT release birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER. We might be able to release birds in light rain showers, at our discretion, but we will not release birds in lighting storms or downpours.
  • We will NOT drop off, allow pick up or ship birds by mail for self-release.
  • We will NOT release birds beyond the range which they are able to safely fly home from.